I felt it was time to retire and move on to, to make it more official now that I have books published, and getting out there to the public. The anonymity felt like a comfy blanket to hide beneath, but it is time to embrace challenges. I’m still fixing the web site domain … Continue reading


Thoughts on the new year

Since being a mother, I don’t do much of anything on New Year’s Eve. Okay, I’ll be honest here; I never really got into the celebrations. I’m not much of a drinker, and when I go to parties I get this sense that other people drinking are having way more fun than I am, or … Continue reading Thoughts on the new year

From Chaos Comes Order, or at least I hope so

We’re finally getting some much needed work done on the house. Our porch was so rotted, the railing was literally hanging off. So this needed to be pulled off- which its still in the first stage of repair, or rather being torn apart.  We’re also having the front steps replaced, including a handrail. As you … Continue reading From Chaos Comes Order, or at least I hope so