Adventures with planners

I’ve been keeping planners some time now. Originally, I used one of those planners you get from an office store, but didn’t like the size or the cost. Insert packs also cost money and many layouts didn’t work so well for me. I shifted to bullet journaling. A bullet journal uses blank pages or pages … Continue reading Adventures with planners

What I’m up to… trying to focus

Thomas Frank on YouTube “How to Focus Your Priorities and Narrow Down Your Interests - College Info Geek” really struck a chord in me. I look up tips and tricks for focus and productivity, but this video really helped me understand what I was doing wrong. He talks about a story about Warren Buffet’s advice … Continue reading What I’m up to… trying to focus

The Power of Creativity is My Super Power

Sometimes when I watch videos online, I play around with crafts and follow through with ideas I find on the Internet. It is when I actually complete the idea and it looks good where I feel awesome in the power of creating something. This photo illustrates the wonder that is a DIY (Do It Yourself) … Continue reading The Power of Creativity is My Super Power

Some craft projects, and aviation museum trip

Its not easy becoming a Silhouette Portrait Master. There’s some level of trial-and-error in the process, but I suppose that goes with learning anything. Here I’ve made a t-shirt, realizing after I didn’t really center it as well as I should. I like the design, and have since found a chart online that gives the … Continue reading Some craft projects, and aviation museum trip

Stress free and creative projects

Since the homeschool review, and passing, I’ve felt so incredibly relaxed and stress-free. I still have oodles of things to do, such as work-related things and projects I do, but nothing saps my energy like the stress of a review. I think there’s also this weight lifted from me, where I don’t feel as though … Continue reading Stress free and creative projects