Oh woe is meh

Oddly enough, I’ve been bored lately. Which is weird because normally I don’t get bored. I always have something to do. As much as I tell my son that ‘only boring people are boring’, its also connected with not having the motivation to do things. Worse still, when you lack the want to do something you normally enjoy doing. Writing, photography, crafting, etc just don’t interest me.

I blame my stupid sleeping…or lack thereof. I wake up feeling as the same as I did when I went to bed. This has been going on for weeks now. I keep hoping I will just waken one morning feeling refreshed, but so far, I wake up feeling grouchy and irritable.

Yes, I try to go to bed earlier. Yes, I’m careful as to what I eat or drink before bed. Yes, I do the things they always suggest for insomnia. It doesn’t help. Even the Melatonin hasn’t helped.

Guess it’s a phase…

On other news, work is finishing up on the house. It’s a relief to see such a nice porch, windows replace (and painted), and a decent sidewalk along the house where I don’t worry about stumbling. The house needs even more work, but I feel its bearable now.

Today, I’m working on a computer. My son’s friend was having issues with connecting to the Internet, and I realize as I near completion (and its connecting now), that its more often than you think that when folks realize you know computers and technical stuff, they want help (for free). They don’t realize how frustrating this kind of work is for me, that I have to troubleshoot, and find my hands aching from typing, my eyes straining from trying to read small type, and feeling cramped from sitting so long. I’ll be lucky to get a thank you.

And yes, I’ve told this kid that this is the last time I’m doing computer repair for him (unless I get paid).

If you ask someone to do something for them, for free, by all that is right in the world, be GRATEFUL at the very least. I’m not sure if I’ll get a thank you from this kid. He didn’t last time.

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