Thoughts on the new year

Since being a mother, I don’t do much of anything on New Year’s Eve. Okay, I’ll be honest here; I never really got into the celebrations. I’m not much of a drinker, and when I go to parties I get this sense that other people drinking are having way more fun than I am, or they’re getting something out of the drinks than feeling relaxed and wanting to sleep.

I will, however, reflect upon the passing year. 2013 offered a fair share of disappointment but a few successes as well.

I plunged right into working towards goals, only to find the first month or two offered NOTHING in the way of results. This provoked severe depression for a while, and I continued depression therapy. I worked through the sense of failing and so forth, until I no longer visit my therapist. In the end, I will take that as a big success.

I published the writers’ meetup anthology. It took longer than expected, but I gained so much knowledge through the process.  We’ll be doing an anthology each year, showing off our writing. I might include first chapters of new releases of member’s novels as well.

We got the house fixed up. That was a big deal. Our porch was literally falling apart, and now its lovely.  



Our friend, Arthur was key in getting this done, with estimates, and helping with keeping costs down, and getting things finished. It looks great.

My Resolutions from last January didn’t go so well, but this year, I promised myself to evaluate the reasons why and fix them. And yes, goals were not met, but I came to realize that many weren’t goals I wanted to complete after all.

I hope 2014 will be a better year, more substantial in results and things coming back from the efforts put ‘out there’.


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