Adventures in 3D and D.C.

Oh spring, how I’ve missed you! We finally see warm weather, even being warmed by the sun. The Crocus blooms in the back yard, and my dog decided it’s a great time to shed. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see the snow and ice gone. Updates to my life include self-learning … Continue reading Adventures in 3D and D.C.

Fun with phone upgrades

After months of reading and comparing, I finally upgraded my phone from an iPhone 4S to a Windows Lumia 830. Frankly, I considered sticking with the iPhone but the camera sucks and the battery sucks even more. The other day I had a full charge and by noon, I had to use my portable charger. … Continue reading Fun with phone upgrades

The Power of Creativity is My Super Power

Sometimes when I watch videos online, I play around with crafts and follow through with ideas I find on the Internet. It is when I actually complete the idea and it looks good where I feel awesome in the power of creating something. This photo illustrates the wonder that is a DIY (Do It Yourself) … Continue reading The Power of Creativity is My Super Power