History of a tissue box thief

My son is a tissue box thief. I decided I should share this sorted tale of woe, in case others may find themselves without a tissue box of their own. It started innocently enough. Dan was lazy and didn’t want to go all the way down stairs to get another box. He opted to take … Continue reading History of a tissue box thief

Adventures in 3D and D.C.

Oh spring, how I’ve missed you! We finally see warm weather, even being warmed by the sun. The Crocus blooms in the back yard, and my dog decided it’s a great time to shed. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see the snow and ice gone. Updates to my life include self-learning … Continue reading Adventures in 3D and D.C.

Secondlife- Watching a movie in a virtual theater

I’ve been revisiting SecondLife on the Internet. Its a huge 3D chat and social world where you can do so many things, meeting tons of people, join in groups, and use Secondlife as a game, exploring Sim, or a social network.You will need the SecondLife program. This means, its possible your computer might not handle … Continue reading Secondlife- Watching a movie in a virtual theater

Tracking the Sharonsaurus

We’ve had so much snow (too much by Maryland standards), but its fun to do silly things; Here I made footprints of the dreaded Sharonsaurus, the terror of the Triassic Era. Known to prey on chocolate and the occasional marshmallow Peep, the Sharonsaurus can be quite placid until provoked. What makes the Sharonsaurus so unusual … Continue reading Tracking the Sharonsaurus