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It’s been a while…

Wow, I haven’t blogged in ages…since September of last year, and I really do want to start post regularly. My hope is to start doing weekly posting, if only to list the things I do or share my thoughts on stuff.

redcross donationI gave more blood the other day. I got a free long sleeved t-shirt and free Dunkin Donut coffee! I realized after donating, they have an iPhone app, so you can store you donor card as well as track your donations.

Sadly, I can no longer give the double red because of losing weight. You have to be a certain height and weight to do that. Since my doctor mentioned an issue with my weight (and I’m pre-diabetic), I felt I best just lose the weight. I intend on donating a pint gain in a couple of months (56 days). Red Cross FAQ

The writer’s meetup group published another anthology for 2016. The theme was fairytales. Whatever deadlines we had were shifted to accommodate later authors’ submissions because the book would be too thin, otherwise.

While editing, I realized I no longer wish to edit another anthology for the group. It’s a lot of work, a lot of editing, and my vision doesn’t catch things like they used to. I feel the members should be publishing their own writing for themselves.

For 2017, my goal is to get them to learn how to do that, through Kindle Singles (they publish short stories in eBook format). There is no cost to do this, and you get your short stories out to the public.

I published two short stories through them;



Xmsa TV 2016Christmas went by so fast this year. Each year I stress myself out,promising that next year I’ll be more organized, plan in advance. Christmas cards went out late and I didn’t send that many this year. Cookie making was kept to a minimum- who needs all that sugar to tempt me, right? And decorating was slightly different since we have a very large TV now.

short hairI got my hair cut short.  I decided to just embrace getting old since I’ll be 50 this year, and go gray. I had all the color cut off. The bed-head is worse in the mornings, but I use less shampoo and conditioner. No more hair in my eyes either.

2016 new year

New Year’s Eve we splurged and got snacks, bubbly grape juice. No, Daniel is not drinking wine. I served the bubbly grape juice in a wine glass for him and he decided to pose for the photo.

We watched the ball drop via YouTube live streaming because we don’t have cable TV any more. We had a bit of lag, but otherwise, it went pretty well.

Goals for 2017 are simple:

Look weight. I have about 30 lbs. to drop this year, but I also want improve my fitness. I’m already tackling diet, going no-sugar again (except for holidays), and trying to more more.

Write and publish regularly. I decided to not include specifics here but I want to write and get things published on a regular basis. This could be monthly…not sure yet.

Publish ecourses. I want to assemble some courses online for writers and small business, using the workshop information I have on file.

Have adventures. This doesn’t mean jumping out of planes or anything, but to me, adventures are learning new things, exploring, experiences. I’ll post when I do them.

“The distance between dreams and reality is called action”…


September Adventures

September is filled with goals. I felt if I shared them, readers can hold me to them. More importantly, join or support me in my endeavors. So here goes;

160 simLose weight. Being an old woman, this proves more difficult than before, and it wasn’t easy in my younger days. This means a contending a lower metabolism with exercise (walking) and watching what I eat. This goals also means to get myself in shape, get more muscle.

I want to fit in my old clothes but also have a higher metabolism so I can feel warmer in the winter months. Being a slug lends to being very cold all the time.

sugar freeNo sugar. Yep, you read that correctly- NO SUGAR for the month of September. I’m even avoiding sugar substitutes and processed foods. Veggies, fruit, lean protein, and mostly water and tea rather than soda. I drink Sugar Free Hazelnut creamer with my coffee in the mornings, but that’s pretty much it.

My hope is that cutting out sugar will get me more energy, I’ll be healthier, and my brain will work with more clarity…hopefully.

Purple Crocus Pen Rubber Grip Pen Write and publish regularly. I want to focus on fiction, but I have a few non-fiction projects ‘in the works’. Between short stories, a novel, and non-fiction eBooks,  I hope to earn more income.

I have a number of books published on Amazon.


duolingoLearn conversational Spanish as well as some German. I focus more on Spanish, but German is fun to speak with all the visceral pronunciation. I would like to have a basic conversation in Spanish, perhaps even understanding reading or watching Spanish TV. I’m using Duolingo.com which provides free language lessons via their site and smart phone apps.

Offer new services on my web sites. My writer’s site will have Book Cover Design and editing services, while my pagan site will have ecourses, workshops, and ebooks. I hope to have this all done and up by the end of the month.

Minor goals include:

  • Drink more water (no or only a little soda)
  • Practice Morning Pages (I’ll blog about this soon)

I’ll post regularly on my goals. So with perseverance, the end of this month, I’ll be slimmer, fitter, published, working more, speaking Spanish, and finding more things to achieve.