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September Adventures

September is filled with goals. I felt if I shared them, readers can hold me to them. More importantly, join or support me in my endeavors. So here goes;

160 simLose weight. Being an old woman, this proves more difficult than before, and it wasn’t easy in my younger days. This means a contending a lower metabolism with exercise (walking) and watching what I eat. This goals also means to get myself in shape, get more muscle.

I want to fit in my old clothes but also have a higher metabolism so I can feel warmer in the winter months. Being a slug lends to being very cold all the time.

sugar freeNo sugar. Yep, you read that correctly- NO SUGAR for the month of September. I’m even avoiding sugar substitutes and processed foods. Veggies, fruit, lean protein, and mostly water and tea rather than soda. I drink Sugar Free Hazelnut creamer with my coffee in the mornings, but that’s pretty much it.

My hope is that cutting out sugar will get me more energy, I’ll be healthier, and my brain will work with more clarity…hopefully.

Purple Crocus Pen Rubber Grip Pen Write and publish regularly. I want to focus on fiction, but I have a few non-fiction projects ‘in the works’. Between short stories, a novel, and non-fiction eBooks,  I hope to earn more income.

I have a number of books published on Amazon.


duolingoLearn conversational Spanish as well as some German. I focus more on Spanish, but German is fun to speak with all the visceral pronunciation. I would like to have a basic conversation in Spanish, perhaps even understanding reading or watching Spanish TV. I’m using Duolingo.com which provides free language lessons via their site and smart phone apps.

Offer new services on my web sites. My writer’s site will have Book Cover Design and editing services, while my pagan site will have ecourses, workshops, and ebooks. I hope to have this all done and up by the end of the month.

Minor goals include:

  • Drink more water (no or only a little soda)
  • Practice Morning Pages (I’ll blog about this soon)

I’ll post regularly on my goals. So with perseverance, the end of this month, I’ll be slimmer, fitter, published, working more, speaking Spanish, and finding more things to achieve.



Children’s books, Zazzle, and up to date

635639323133548058My poor little blog has been sorely neglected since January.  To be fair, I’ve dealt with some major depression and stress the past few months. This makes it hard to rally motivation. I’m hoping to keep up, however, and just do things anyway, regardless of how I am. Life can’t come to a stop.

So what have I been up to?

Considering  writing and publishing children’s books. While looking at video tutorials I found my brain sparking some ideas. I’m researching the how and why of this genre, and figuring out how to illustrate what I want.

I’m very intrigued with checking out Amazon Kindle Children’s Book creator, and not necessarily using it for children’s books. I could also work on picture books for various genres. Pop, pop, pop…more ideas.

I’ll post a review of the program once I get used to it.

candlewrapI created a new design for Zazzle but found I can’t add this to my store, only share the link. I really like Zazzle and all the choices you can add your own graphics/photos to items and sell for a small amount with each purchase.

But Zazzle has some crazy things you can personalize, from mugs, t-shirts, and jewelry, and weird things like chocolate boxes and even bikes.

Custom Big Shot Fixie Big Shot Bicycle
Custom Big Shot Fixie Big Shot Bicycle by big_shot_bikes
Look at Single speed Bicycles online at Zazzle.com


I’ve created a number of products in my Zazzle store, but like many things, I let it go and haven’t worked much on it.

authropageUpdated my Amazon Author Page, but feel the biography is pretty thin. Perhaps I should consider something ‘fiction’ to make it more exciting- ‘By day, she is a mild-mannered housewife, homeschool mom, and tech consultant, but by night (dramatic pause) she is the master of writing and creativity”

I will try to keep up more with the blog, sharing what I’m doing on my other blogs and what projects I’m working on, as well as sharing more on thoughts and adventures.

What I learned this week: Russian Cuisine, Faberge, and childhood memories

So I decided to start a series of post on my blog where I share things that I learned through the week. This will help provoke more regular posts, while sharing some neat and interesting things I discovered through the week.

In homeschool, we’re learning the World War I history, while also focusing on the Russian Revolution. The other day we learned about Faberge Eggs, by Peter Carl Faberge, a Russian jeweler who designed some lovely ‘eggs’ but also other things.

He made only 50 of them, each Easter for the Romanov family. Since then, a Faberge egg is any lovely designed egg that holds some trinket inside.

I remember helping a Russian friend of the family, an elderly woman named Alexandria, to polish the silverware. On the back of the utensils, I noticed a crest and Russian lettering. “What’s this?” I asked her. She peered over with her bifocals and said “Oh that is Gregory’s family crest and it says Faberge” She then added, “He was the royal goldsmith.”

I was stunned at how casual she was with this fact, and meanwhile. I actually polished Faberge silverware!

borshtWhile we’re learning about the Bolsheviks, I happened upon some Russian cuisine we might try. It’s fun to add in our studies some meals based on history and culture. Not that I’m a fan of Borscht. Ugh @ Beet soup! That was gross.

As a child, I remember Alexandria’s husband, Gregory, tell me about Borscht (in his heavy Russian accent). “We make this soup out of beetles.” He tells me. “Um, Gregory? That’s Beets.” I correct him. He chuckles back at me. “Yes, beetles” lol

I am not keen on making anything with beets (can’t stand them), so I found these recipes we might try instead;

pavalovaPavalova– Named after a Russian ballerina, this meringue type desert looks lovely as it must be yummy. Here’s a video on how to make them, and the ingredients are few. It seems the real magic comes from the technique.

I’m also intrigued with attempting to make Pirozhki (baked or fried buns with filling) or Pelmeni, which are Russian dumplings filled with meat.

While learning about the Romanovs (last Tsar of Russia), I also learned about the royal diseases that impacted history. Tsar Nicolas’ son had Hemophilia. One video by the BBC entitled Hemophilia and Porphyria – Royal diseases from Tainted Blood covered several royal families that had issues. It was interesting.

I’d love to learn Russian, so I’m currently exploring this site Russianlessons.net which teaches the writing as well as the speech. My son wants to stick with Spanish (Duolingo.com).

I’ll try to post things as I learn them. If you like this post, ‘like’, share, and comment. Let me know if you want more.

My seasonal desktop- Winter


I like to change my desktop wallpaper seasonally, preferably to something that reflects the season. This wallpaper is a photo I took from my car window one chilly morning, as I admired the lovely ice crystal design Mother Nature so lovingly put on my car.

If you’d like to change your own computer wallpaper, click on the photo (see below) and hove the mouse cursor over the image- now RIGHT CLICK the mouse button and then select ‘save image as..” and save to your hard drive. You have to click on the image first to get the full-blown (in all it’s glory) size so it sets properly as desktop wallpaper.


Now click on this link to learn to change the desktop wallpaper.

Ain’t I awesome to share this? If you agree, please share this post, post a comment, or bask in the knowing of how awesome I am. Winking smile

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

blogI finally took the plunge and switched my personal blog from Blogger to WordPress. There’s no learning curve to a blog service, because I use LiveWriter for that- it is a separate program that links to your blogs (any blog) online, and let’s me use all the functions and editing features I like.

I’m also redoing my blog and web site to better reflect what I hope to embrace as ‘life as an adventure’, but more importantly, to brand myself in some fashion. I don’t think ‘frootbat31’ said much about me. It’s a transition, that I hope will also transition my attitude about myself.

Fortunately, migration from one blog to another is pretty simple;

  1. Go to Blogger and sign in.
  2. import bloggerGo to Settings then go to Other
  3. At the top, you’ll see links to Export to a file. Export to your computer.
  4. Now go to your WordPress blog, and go to Tools
  5. Go to Import. Select the blog service you previously used, and now you’ll be prompted to select the file you downloaded.
  6. Select Upload and Import.

See? Easy.