After the storm

Enduring the winter storm doesn’t worry me too much. I grew up in upstate NY, and remember The Blizzard of ‘77. Ever since, most storms barely cause concern. But this month, there were other worries. My father had a min-stroke. That was a scare, and the hospital he went to was 2 hours away. I … Continue reading After the storm

Well hello, 2016!

I was so glad to see 2015 fall behind because the year was less than successful for me. Hopes for this year are high, and I intend on plunging into things pretty quick. My Resolutions: Write and publish regularly. If I call myself a writer, I need to be writing. This means also sharing what … Continue reading Well hello, 2016!

What I’m up to… trying to focus

Thomas Frank on YouTube “How to Focus Your Priorities and Narrow Down Your Interests - College Info Geek” really struck a chord in me. I look up tips and tricks for focus and productivity, but this video really helped me understand what I was doing wrong. He talks about a story about Warren Buffet’s advice … Continue reading What I’m up to… trying to focus

Sick days….and days….and days

The past two months, I’ve been ridiculously sick. I’ve caught every flu or cold out there-, almost back to back. This past week, after five days of being bedridden with flu-like symptoms (and fever), I get on antibiotics, only to catch one of the worst colds ever. I’m still recovering from that- better but not … Continue reading Sick days….and days….and days

First Day of Homeschool

Unlike the public school folks, homeschoolers can start a bit later. And today, one day after Labor Day, seemed fitting to get started with Grade 10. Generally I schedule for the week over the previous weekend. This lets me plan ahead, juggle a schedule, fit in field trips and appointments, as well as meetings and … Continue reading First Day of Homeschool

Homeschool Update: We passed 9th grade

We passed the 9th grade, and now enjoy our summer vacation. Many homeschoolers continue to learn through the summertime, but I wanted to enjoy something of a vacation for a while. This means no homeschool planning for a month. This is vacation for me. Since we switched from the Board of Education reviews, the experience … Continue reading Homeschool Update: We passed 9th grade