Fun with phone upgrades

After months of reading and comparing, I finally upgraded my phone from an iPhone 4S to a Windows Lumia 830. Frankly, I considered sticking with the iPhone but the camera sucks and the battery sucks even more. The other day I had a full charge and by noon, I had to use my portable charger. … Continue reading Fun with phone upgrades


Mastering the Zen of cleaning

I am not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination. I will even admit to being a complete and total slob in my younger days. When I got my first apartment, I was so thrilled with NOT having to do chores, I’d let dishes sit for days. I would end up using boiling … Continue reading Mastering the Zen of cleaning

Youtubing, challenges, and so forth

I haven’t added much to my personal blog, favoring the Youtube vlog for the past month or so. Vlogging proves time and time again more time consuming than writing. On Tuesday, I hope to say I accomplished the challenge; vlogging every day for a month. This month I’ve tackled a number of new challenges, not … Continue reading Youtubing, challenges, and so forth