Business and busy stuff

The past few weeks, I’ve joined in some business groups. I joined a local small business group via, and also attended a workshops that offers so much for the small business owner. They have mentorships, workshops, and lots of help in setting up and marketing your business, mostly free, too.Oh, and my business … Continue reading Business and busy stuff


The joy of writer groups

Yesterday, I had my writer’s group meet at my house for the topic of marketing. I often spend a week or more prepping on specific topics like that, to gather the information and organize what I find in some sort of material members can take home. The cool thing with our group is we’re very … Continue reading The joy of writer groups

Youtubing, challenges, and so forth

I haven’t added much to my personal blog, favoring the Youtube vlog for the past month or so. Vlogging proves time and time again more time consuming than writing. On Tuesday, I hope to say I accomplished the challenge; vlogging every day for a month. This month I’ve tackled a number of new challenges, not … Continue reading Youtubing, challenges, and so forth