Run over by depression

Yesterday was terribly difficult as I woke up from a bad dream that provoked a deep depression. I couldn’t shake it most of the day, resolving to play video games to give me back some semblance of control over my life. I know its still an illusion, but it nonetheless made me feel better.David and … Continue reading Run over by depression


My April Daily Vlogging

I should add the videos I upload to my YouTube channel. I suppose I’m still a bit self-conscious about the whole process. I question myself about everything, and self-doubt keeps nagging at me at every turn.I’m forcing myself through, nevertheless. It’s a challenge I put to myself, and I will finish it.Today’s video was on … Continue reading My April Daily Vlogging


I burned my thumb and two fingers last night. Damn, it hurt. Frankly I think Aloe is a the best thing for such injuries. Its my cure-all from burns, insect bites, and little wounds. I think it helped prevent blistering, and by bedtime, the pain ebbed so I could sleep. Daniel and I are in … Continue reading Ouchie