Snow–Kid vs Adult experience

Schools are closed today due to the few inches that fell last night, and icy roads. Here in Maryland, people panic over an inch or so. I grew up in Update New York where we dealt with Lack Effect Snow, where winters often have several feet on a regular basis. I also remember being a … Continue reading Snow–Kid vs Adult experience


Nature and Project Noah

I like bugs, and spiders, but I’m not a bug collector. I’d feel too bad with killing them, so I take photos instead. Here, I saved this Spotted June Bug from a jar of water in the back yard. It’s also called a Grape Vine Beetle, but oddly enough, its not a pest. Supposedly, they … Continue reading Nature and Project Noah

Storm, writing meetup, and a night to myself

This weekend included such noteworthy events as a fierce storm, a writer’s meetup, and a night to myself. Although the summer seems to be winding down, the storms continue to blow through the area in intervals. The last two storms implied potential tornados, and left my poor dog cowering at my side no matter what … Continue reading Storm, writing meetup, and a night to myself

The Bluebelle, night critter, and scouts

My car, a Volkswagen Jetta, was bought used and lately began a downward spiral of having issues. I couldn’t keep the window winder fluid reserve full. The brake pads needed replaced. It continually failed the emission test, which led to monthly fees we paid. It got to the point we had to figure dumping more … Continue reading The Bluebelle, night critter, and scouts

Signs of Autumn….right around the corner

I noticed the grapes are turning purple. Soon, we’ll have Concord grapes to harvest. It’s a lengthy process, made worse by the fact they are often infested with spiders. Fortunately I don’t mind spiders much. Wouldn’t you know it my son hates grape flavor. I’m not sure when that happened, because I remember him enjoying … Continue reading Signs of Autumn….right around the corner