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Focusing on Focusing


It’s been ages since I blogged, which I believe is the same thing I mentioned before.

The single most trait of a blog, and to keep blogging, is knowing if anyone reads it. This blog, I don’t feel gets read. It’s more blithering I suppose, so that leads me to thinking on what to focus on.

Focus. That’s not one of my characteristics.

My brain doesn’t work like that at all. If anything, ideas sort of bubble up to the surface. I have to jot down the idea quickly before it fades, and to figure out what to do with it later.

This year I’ve been trying to narrow down my main areas of focus, which is no easy task. Tons of ideas come, and I have to ignore them while trying to focus on the few on my list. Then I’m left wondering if those few on the list are even worth trying.

So here are some of my top things to focus on for the next month or so;

  • Finish my short story for publication.
  • Finish editing my dad’s book to help him publish. This includes the book cover design
  • Apply to REV for a closed caption work. (this is done)
  • Complete the ‘writer journal’ project. I’m working on a blank journal for writers which includes tips, prompts, and quotes, as well as a space for daily word counts. This should be done soon.
  • Finish the Playful Pagan web site, which will include an online ecourse, eworkbooks, and resources for earth centered spirituality.

I have more stuff, but these are the main things I’m focusing on.

And to update friends and family- here are some things I’ve been up to;

Blood donation

Donating Blood– I decided to start donating blood, so I gave my first pint. I found out I’m O+, and they would like me to donate platelets too. I hope to do that eventually.

No homeschool. In past years, we continued to do some homeschool through the summer. This year, we’re enjoying not doing homeschool. Dan passed last year, so he’ll be in 11th grade in September.

Working I was referred to a new client and helped her with her computer issues, while another needed help with transferring VHS to DVD. Worked on a web site for a client but he backed out. That’s never fun for me. It means work without pay, so I’m not keen on doing web design. I’m considering no longer offering this service. Instead, having pre-developed sites for sale, or client tutorials.

Writing! I’ve been working one short story fiction, but also working on a blank journal for writers. It includes a spot to add word counts, but also includes tips, prompts, and author quotes. I’m also editing my dad’s book which will be published soon, and organizing my Writer’s Group for an upcoming anthology coming this Christmas.

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Well hello, 2016!


I was so glad to see 2015 fall behind because the year was less than successful for me. Hopes for this year are high, and I intend on plunging into things pretty quick.

My Resolutions:

  • Write and publish regularly. If I call myself a writer, I need to be writing. This means also sharing what I write with the world. I’m also keeping this a general goal because I will publish non-fiction as well as fiction.
  • Lose 30 lbs. I’d love it if I could lose the weight by Summer- typical, I know, but I’d be happy with losing anything any time through the year. I also include getting fit because I’m not liking this ‘old lady’ body I have now.
  • Cultivate Focus! I’ve started on this goal by cutting way back on tasks and responsibilities. Where my brain was scattered over 20 or so things, now I focus on a handful of top priorities.
  • Develop and implement online courses. Local business just hasn’t worked out so I want to explore providing lessons via the Internet instead.
  • Get Daniel ready for college. This is perhaps the most challenging goal- being responsible for another human being to find success in life. He’s in 10th grade now, and will graduate in only a few years.
  • Be more active on my blogs and web sites. I’ve narrowed down my list of blogs/sites and figured on a schedule that doesn’t overwhelm or burn me out.

There are other little goals, but these are the main ones I will focus on.


I setup my planner by altering a Composition Notebook with scrap paper and using a pretty blue duct tape for binding. I stamped the quote on the cover.

I made ones before for the month, but this time, I will use it for 3 months, making another notebook for blogging/sites. This will be tasks and daily stuff.


Inside, on the left, I made a pocket for calendars so I can switch them out, with the lower purple area (an envelope) to put in my goals. This is printed and slipped in, but I can also include the minor goals in the same pocket.

The right side includes bills for the month (printed on a card), with post it notes for ideas that I can paste onto pages for my task list. I will also include a page for writing word counts, minutes of exercise, and weight changes.

I’ll be sharing my blog planner when I finish it too.

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