Nothing like high temps to make me think about Autumn

We’re having some hellish weather lately, which lends to my thoughts going to Autumn planning. I’m making a bucket list…or rather, a list I hope to go through to celebrate the cooler weather. So far I have; Photos of leaves and other scenes for Fall Picking apples Caramel apples Make applesauce Make spell star ornaments- … Continue reading Nothing like high temps to make me think about Autumn


River walk, photography, and Oblivion

Last night, David and I went to see the movie Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. It was better than I thought. We got a huge popcorn to share, and held hands most of the movie. During chase scenes, we’d both tense up, and I could feel him clench my hand. Some folks reviewed it as being … Continue reading River walk, photography, and Oblivion

Scribblenauts as a learning tool

 I’m a big believer in making learning fun so this morning I bought Scribblenauts Unlimited [Download] ,which helps kids learn typing and spelling skills. That’s not its prime purpose. Like any video game, its to provide fun. The idea is that you can type various words such as nouns and adjectives to add things to … Continue reading Scribblenauts as a learning tool