Some craft projects, and aviation museum trip

Its not easy becoming a Silhouette Portrait Master. There’s some level of trial-and-error in the process, but I suppose that goes with learning anything. Here I’ve made a t-shirt, realizing after I didn’t really center it as well as I should. I like the design, and have since found a chart online that gives the … Continue reading Some craft projects, and aviation museum trip

Nature and Project Noah

I like bugs, and spiders, but I’m not a bug collector. I’d feel too bad with killing them, so I take photos instead. Here, I saved this Spotted June Bug from a jar of water in the back yard. It’s also called a Grape Vine Beetle, but oddly enough, its not a pest. Supposedly, they … Continue reading Nature and Project Noah

Tracking the Sharonsaurus

We’ve had so much snow (too much by Maryland standards), but its fun to do silly things; Here I made footprints of the dreaded Sharonsaurus, the terror of the Triassic Era. Known to prey on chocolate and the occasional marshmallow Peep, the Sharonsaurus can be quite placid until provoked. What makes the Sharonsaurus so unusual … Continue reading Tracking the Sharonsaurus