Clutter and repairing the dog bed

Yesterday, I worked on cleaning and organizing the upstairs. I’m still not done, but its been cathartic and energizing to get things in order. Considering I still have this stupid cold, I’m amazed I have the energy, but I figure the sweating and exertion helps work the cold out- at least, I hope so. One … Continue reading Clutter and repairing the dog bed


Thoughts on habits and change

I’ve been doing some reading on changing habits in order to make improvements in my life. Namely, I want to get back into working out regularly, and get some productive things done instead  of wasting my time like I do. (Damn you, Pinterest!)I used to say my worst habit was biting my fingernails. I’d bite … Continue reading Thoughts on habits and change

Youtubing, challenges, and so forth

I haven’t added much to my personal blog, favoring the Youtube vlog for the past month or so. Vlogging proves time and time again more time consuming than writing. On Tuesday, I hope to say I accomplished the challenge; vlogging every day for a month. This month I’ve tackled a number of new challenges, not … Continue reading Youtubing, challenges, and so forth

Churning, hurtling, and otherwise beating down the eat coast

We’re on the edge of the Hurricane Sandy, and our state sent alerts for preparations and alerts for wind and flooding. I think its sort of funny how the news dramatizes the storm; ‘Frankenstorm’ and using such colorful verbs such as churning, hurtling, and beating down the coast might be true, but nevertheless dramatic. I … Continue reading Churning, hurtling, and otherwise beating down the eat coast