Blessed Bee and honey facts

Created a new design in my Zazzle online shop. This is fully customizable, so you can select from various types of t-shirts and other items such as mugs and binders to put the design on it. I made Blessed Bee because the honeybee provides honey, which creates Mead, one of the many drinks traditionally sipped … Continue reading Blessed Bee and honey facts


Making vinyl projects with the die cut

I finally got the vinyl lettering cut and placed on the car. Since getting a Silhouette Portrait, I can create tons of designs and lettering from vinyl for just about anything. Now my car will be a billboard when I drive around town. I tried magnetic signs twice before, each time, someone stole them! With … Continue reading Making vinyl projects with the die cut

Thoughts on habits and change

I’ve been doing some reading on changing habits in order to make improvements in my life. Namely, I want to get back into working out regularly, and get some productive things done instead  of wasting my time like I do. (Damn you, Pinterest!)I used to say my worst habit was biting my fingernails. I’d bite … Continue reading Thoughts on habits and change