Adventures with planners

I’ve been keeping planners some time now. Originally, I used one of those planners you get from an office store, but didn’t like the size or the cost. Insert packs also cost money and many layouts didn’t work so well for me.

composition notebooksI shifted to bullet journaling. A bullet journal uses blank pages or pages with a dot or graph sheets. You design whatever you need using the dots or squares to help guide you. I used a regular composition notebook with lined pages, and where bullet journals can include very artistic styles, I kept pretty simple.

But I grew tired of having to draw out the calendar and weekly spreads. I wanted something printed.

pageI shifted to a mini 3-ring binder. This was fine because I could use lined, graph, or dotted pages, or just design my own layout to whatever I needed. Even then, I got tired of the time spent designing. I wanted the pre-printed stuff.

happy plannerThen I discovered <dramatic pause> the Happy Planner! It comes in three different sizes so I went with the classic 7×9 size. I can remove any pages, including the cover, so I could design my own pages or buy inserts. I can add sections, move them, or remove altogether. I can keep the entire year in the planner, but prefer to work with three months at a time, so this gives me room for my own sections.

Personal– Here I have a list of crafts I want to make, a list of books I want to read this year, a worksheet entitled ‘this is me’ where you list fears/weaknesses vs courage/strengths. It gives some perspective on myself. I have a page dedicated to accomplishments. I have a ‘reward list’ where I put things I want providing I achieve goals for myself.

Business– This includes a brain dump section for products/service ideas, and pages for various things I work on such as my business or my online Zazzle store.

Finances– This tracks income versus spending.

Writing– I keep a brain dump page for random thoughts and ideas, a writer tracker, blog title list, story ideas, brief plots for novels, and ideas for non-fiction ebooks.

Meetup– Here, I keep ideas for workshops, writing games, a list of food I can make for the group for snacks, and a brain dump page for things I want to add to the site or newsletter.

stickersI make my own stickers to add things like when my husband works, when I babysit, or go to my mom’s to clean, when the moon is full, birthday and other events, holidays, and bill payments. I even made blood donation stickers for when I give to the Red Cross.

I hope to publish my pages and stickers so others can use them. I even have plans for sticker themes packages, and pages for things like students, teachers, homemakers, business owners, and more. So many ideas, so little time.

I want the month of August to the be the month I focus on action, getting things done. While I do this, I will blog regularly and share freebies from time to time.

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