After the storm

WP_20160123_18_10_16_ProEnduring the winter storm doesn’t worry me too much. I grew up in upstate NY, and remember The Blizzard of ‘77. Ever since, most storms barely cause concern. But this month, there were other worries.

My father had a min-stroke. That was a scare, and the hospital he went to was 2 hours away. I meant to visit but there was some waiting to see which hospital they would send him to, when something else happened.

WP_20151215_17_06_45_ProPepper started going down hill. She’s had issues with arthritis. Being an older dog, I expected that, but last Sunday, I found her with labored breathing and not able to get up. She hadn’t eaten much at all, so we rushed her to the vet.  Sadly, the vet suspected some sort of issue with her liver and we decided to put her down rather than let her suffer.

I also found the Rimadyl prescribed for her by the one vet for arthritis pain could very well be the cause of her death. By all accounts, she only had arthritis. The first vet said she saw no tumor or other issues. The second vet found her blood work and xrays did show problems.

She’s gone either way, and I miss her terribly. She was a constant companion, and little things remind me of her (and she’s gone), so it’s been a very rough week.

Meanwhile, my father is home and better, but scans found the stroke did cause some brain damage. They found some other issues that they will keep an eye on, but that, too, lends to a week where I feel this oppressive weight of loss and worry.

The storm, oddly enough, provided some time away from people and things, to mourn and deal with those feelings. I’m not crying any more, but little things still remind me of her not here.

I’ll be so glad when spring gets here.


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