Sick days….and days….and days

cat on desk

The past two months, I’ve been ridiculously sick. I’ve caught every flu or cold out there-, almost back to back. This past week, after five days of being bedridden with flu-like symptoms (and fever), I get on antibiotics, only to catch one of the worst colds ever. I’m still recovering from that- better but not back to 100%. It might takes more weeks or even months before that happens.

Needless to say, it shut my whole life down.

Such lengthy illness leaves one rather isolated because no one wants to get the cold/flu cooties. And I don’t like to talk about sickness or my troubles, but when it engulfs your life so completely, there’s little else to talk about- unless you want to know all the movies and T.V. shows I watched while stuck in bed. I could barely talk on the phone due to the congestion, so I’m left with the Internet as my only friend.

So I think I’m finally on the mend. I’m on day six of antibiotics, still working the muck out of my body, and struggling to get my life back on track. (Of course, somehow I managed to get this horrible crick in my neck, which I think came from coughing so violently the other night….ugh@ being sick).

I’m no longer contagious, and I’m sure I won’t take my health for granted for a long time to come.



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