Homeschool Update: We passed 9th grade

Homeschool9thWe passed the 9th grade, and now enjoy our summer vacation. Many homeschoolers continue to learn through the summertime, but I wanted to enjoy something of a vacation for a while. This means no homeschool planning for a month. This is vacation for me. Winking smile

Since we switched from the Board of Education reviews, the experience is far less stressful. We review twice a year; once in January, and the last review is in July. It means a bit longer school year, but we tend to start a bit later too.

With homeschool, I now have to maintain a transcript of his grades. We also started to consider the path to college. We even spoke to a college funding consultant (a friend of mine who does this for a living), and she’s helping with preparing him for college soon.

So I can now focus on other things, and Daniel can chill for a while until the school year starts. I might have to take up a reading list this summer, or learn a hobby to keep him from being bored.

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