History of a tissue box thief


My son is a tissue box thief. I decided I should share this sorted tale of woe, in case others may find themselves without a tissue box of their own.

It started innocently enough. Dan was lazy and didn’t want to go all the way down stairs to get another box. He opted to take mine instead. I discovered the theft, and took it back. It disappeared soon after. I took it back from his room, I’d find an empty box on my desk.

This was an act of war!



I thought, at this point, I might be triumphant. But again, I found a missing tissue box from the sanctity of my desk. I needed a new plan.


Surely this would make it obvious that he is not to take my tissue box for his evil intentions. He must learn to take the arduous path of going downstairs and getting his own damn box!



Alas, my plan was again thwarted by his deviousness.I knew I had to up the stakes.


Okay….there. I made it clear, right? That means I’m serious and mean business. Then I did this-

tb nuclear

Aha! I knew I had him then! I listened for his return where I heard him huff in disbelief. “Wha-? Who?” Mwhahahaha

Then this happened:



And then, I found this on my desk. Hm, how curious. Who could it be? Could it be Daniel? The Cat?


The tissue box war continues…..

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