Fun with phone upgrades

WP_20150317_21_53_07_SelfieAfter months of reading and comparing, I finally upgraded my phone from an iPhone 4S to a Windows Lumia 830.

Frankly, I considered sticking with the iPhone but the camera sucks and the battery sucks even more. The other day I had a full charge and by noon, I had to use my portable charger. That is just ridiculous. Apple needs to step up their game.

The battery easily lasts me all day. With the mini-USB, I can use with the car charger, or my portable charger without having to bring the plug-specific iPhone charger.

WP_20150319_18_52_10_Pro (3)Photos are great too. You get more control and ease of use, with better photos in dim light as well as editing and sharing functions.

I can blur or even manipulate the shutter speed, but the quality surpasses the 8 MP camera all the iPhones have. The Lumia 830 has 10 MP. (The 1520 model has 40 MP).

Video is also impressive at 1080p. Video  includes stabilizers to cut down on the shakiness, and seems to do better even in low light. The camera includes a ‘trimmer’ so I can edit video on the phone.

See below for a video of my dog playing at the park.


The tiles take some getting used to but like Windows 8.1, you can resize, move, and add/delete as you want. Whatever apps I downloaded for my Windows Pro tablet, I can pretty much use on my phone.

I also can choose a photo where the tiles will move over it, so they appear almost clear. You can personalized with colors as well.

Siri was nice in the iPhone, but Cortana works great as my personal assistant. So far I haven’t had an issues where she said she can’t help me. Siri had a number of times she answered with ‘service unavailable’.

Cortana has a lengthier setup process so that she will pronounce my name correctly and understand my likes and dislikes. She also understands things in context such as what apps you use, and puts information in context. For example, I can ask about wearing a coat tomorrow, and she can guess based on temperature if I should wear a coat. She can also check traffic, check my calendar, or even my reminders to put things in relation to another.

As for personal assistant apps, I use it mostly for when I drive. With this phone, it includes a feature to shut off texting, with an auto-reply telling the person you’re driving now. I could also shut off phone calls when I drive as well, but since I have hands-free, that’s not an issue. The text function is very handy.

This also came with a Fitbit Flex through a special with AT&T. Fitbit Flex is an activity monitor that you wear as a bracelet. This connects via Bluetooth to the phone and let’s me know how many steps I walk, even if I walk in place. I used one once while walking when I was playing Skyrim to see how far I was walking in game. I stepped side-to-side and went over a mile. Cool, eh?

I’m pretty happy with the upgrade, with the phone, and with the phone/video, I hope to add more graphics in future posts.


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