Snow–Kid vs Adult experience

trailer-newSchools are closed today due to the few inches that fell last night, and icy roads. Here in Maryland, people panic over an inch or so. I grew up in Update New York where we dealt with Lack Effect Snow, where winters often have several feet on a regular basis.

shoveling snow

I also remember being a kid during the Blizzard of ‘77. As a kid, such disasters were so much fun. No school for a month and we get to sled off the roof. I remember tunnels of snow we can explore, and lots of snow ball fights. We had a double decker snow fort with a snow tunnel, which included arm holes where my father would try to grab you as you slid down the slide.

Adults, however, get to worry about getting to work, having enough supplies, keeping the home warm, and the other concerns with disasters. It’s also shoveling and snow removal. Not as much fun, in my opinion.

Luckily, any snow here in Maryland, even after blizzard conditions, the snow melts. I’m also in walking distance to stores and even a Sheetz convenience store. Even my work can sometimes be done through the Internet by email or text. As we homeschool, we even keep up with lessons, despite school closings. So we’re pretty good through storms.

I’m so ready for the warm months. I miss hating the summer heat.

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