Some updates


I’ve been re-vamping my personal site at, and since using the Blogger platform for my blog, I might shift everything to WordPress. There’s some benefits to using WordPress for me, with using tags and other features.

I’ve joined They voted me in last Friday, and they members were very welcoming. I’m working towards being a ‘mentor’ where I’ll help others with my skills in technology consulting and office help. They might have me take over their web site as well.

Re-working my business site to be user friendly. I still have a Downloads page to add and polish up the kinks, but I think the design works better for tablets and phones.

Wrestling with a planner. I originally had this small Filofax, but didn’t have inserts. I made my own, thanks to the little paper punch. I found, however, that the pages are too small for my needs. It is not as though I want to carry around a planner anyway since I use the iPhone for most appointments.

The planner’s function has more to do with all the projects for writing and crafting, and even blogging, organize my squirrely brain and get things done. A regular sized binder works for what I need. (And I can SEE it better)

Daniel turned 15 on November 30th. Do I really have a teenage son? God, it makes me feel so old. He’s taller than me (and loves to point that out). It makes our tussles a bit more challenging as I try to hug him. Its not unlike a rodeo where he tries to buck me off. Winking smile


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