Season of changes, and changes of phone

photoI’ve been reading (and watching) reviews of various phones. Currently, I have an iPhone 4S, but I’m so disgusted with how Apple slows the phone down, and how this new OS will take up HALF my hard drive of my current phone, lends me to consider switching to something else.

“Why not upgrade to iPhone 6?” Because I don’t want to be forced to upgrade in two years. This is exactly why the older models are struggling- Apple is trying to force us to upgrade.

Well, fuck you, Apple. I’m considering switching to Windows phone, maybe a Lumia 1020. My contract is up this month, being close to my birthday, and I like what I read about this model.

But how to decide?

Well, for starters, one must ask oneself ‘what do you want your phone to do?’.

  • Must make calls, obviously, but also store contact information and sync with contacts online. Any smart phone does this.
  • Must include the apps I use, such as Facebook, Google, a browser, note taking app, text messaging, youtube, and other apps.
  • Must have a decent camera. I do add photos to blogs, but also take pics for scrapbooking as well. I like photography as a hobby. Smart phones have this feature. The newer models have better features.
  • Listen to music, have playlists, and sync with my car (via Bluetooth). Most smart phones have this,
  • A voice assistant- so while driving I can add notes, call someone, etc. Windows Phone has Cortana. iPhone has Siri, and you can find assistants with Android.
  • Directions. Most smart phones have this, depending on the apps you use. I prefer Google Maps app.

So these are the basics. What I don’t want in a smart phone is a company that screws me over every two years to upgrade to a phone too big for my pocket.

So what do you think? Upgrade to Apple 6, Windows phone, or Android? Comment below.


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