Coming Autumn, and Thoughts of my blog


While speaking to my writer’s group about web sites and branding, it occurred to me that I don’t practice what I preach with  my personal site at all. Oh sure, it includes the modge podge of things I do, such as writing and photography, but I’m also doing things with work, crafting, projects, and other stuff.

I don’t have much in the way of subscribers, even less with commenters, and while I look over the mess of topics I post, I can’t blame anyone but myself. What is my site about anyway?

I would say it’s a personal site, but I go by Frootbat31 instead of Sharon Poffinberger. There’s brand with Frootbat31. And going by my tag name, well, its isn’t personal.

So I’m considering some changes to this blog;

Change the blog name to Sharon Poffinberger, or perhaps go by The Playful Pagan. I’m still considering ideas, on what to use as a title to sum up all that I do, and how I want it to reflect ‘me’ online.

Change how I blog. I want to include tutorials such as crafting, but also handy tips in regards to computers, and about writing. I’d organize the topics by these categories.

Include my posts from other blogs. Why am I not showing off my other blog posts? I write several blogs- A Writer’s Journey, Moon and Shadow, Learnthepc, and working on a site entitled The Playful Pagan (celebrating the fun side of paganism).

Marketing better on what I do. I blame my shyness, I suppose, but when I objectify myself, pretend I’m my own best friend, I advise that I should be sharing what I do with others.

Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated. Would you, as a reader, be interested in the changes? Would you subscribe? Do you have other things about this blog you’d like changed?

Post in comments.


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