Some craft projects, and aviation museum trip

001Its not easy becoming a Silhouette Portrait Master. There’s some level of trial-and-error in the process, but I suppose that goes with learning anything.

Here I’ve made a t-shirt, realizing after I didn’t really center it as well as I should. I like the design, and have since found a chart online that gives the dimensions as well as placement of t-shirt deigns.

That might come in helpful for the t-shirts I design for my Zazzle store as well.


I also found the old Fabreeze luminary which has since lost its ‘refill’ thing, which gives the scent but also makes it a luminary, I made a new one. Take note, there’s no back. Originally I planned the design different, and ended up with this instead.

Either way, it ended up rather nice. I could even make these with the flameless candles, and use various designs as needed.


I made my sister a birthday card. She likes dragonflies, so made a cut out and stamped the background. She really enjoyed it.

I often have to make the envelopes too because the cards vary in sizes. But this allows me to also spruce up the envelope from embossing to stamping to using scrapbook papers to pretty them up.


On other news…

Pepper had to get her rabies shot, so we opted to also get her other shots updated, and a dog license. She’s legal now. Winking smile

I also got her a Lyme’s disease vaccine. Although, I haven’t seen a single tick on her this summer, I hate the idea of her catching something awful like that.

I’m not sure why we don’t one for humans, but we should. My son got Lyme’s disease, and fortunately showed the ‘bull’s eye rash’. He was on antibiotics for a month, and showed no ill side effects.

Sadly, even if you get it, you can get it again.


We visited the Hagerstown Aviation Museum, near the airport. They had some old planes out the public can view and even sit in!

Daniel had fun in the cockpit of the C-82A. he explained the controls and his knowledge of flight from his simulator. David also had fun with history and his own knowledge, while I took pictures.

046The biggest of the planes was a 1948 Fairchild C-82A, built in Hagerstown, MD. It was also called a ‘flying boxcar’.

This carried soldiers and cargo into World War II. This was also used to deliver paratroopers. I believe they considered this also a plane for post shipments as well.


087 And there were, of course, a number of small planes. This one you could actually sit in it. The guy in yellow is a volunteer, and share what he knew of the planes.

This model had the pilot sit in the back, while a student sat at the front. David is telling Daniel to not crash them (they weren’t allowed to fly).


090They did have a plan for flight, but it was $100 a pop. We couldn’t afford that, but I think it would be awesome to experience flight with an open cockpit.

This event played vintage music from the 1940’s, with lots of volunteers to answer any questions you would have about the planes. And this was FREE!

Next year, I’ll remember to bring cash to donate, though, because we really enjoyed the trip.

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