Stress free and creative projects

Since the homeschool review, and passing, I’ve felt so incredibly relaxed and stress-free. I still have oodles of things to do, such as work-related things and projects I do, but nothing saps my energy like the stress of a review.

I think there’s also this weight lifted from me, where I don’t feel as though I have to second guess all my efforts to teach my son something. Also knowing that Daniel has some new interests, all of which will count towards his education, serves to infuse our lives with the love of learning once more.

JellyLabelsI’ve been vastly creative this week as well. While my husband son went raspberry picking, processing their harvest to jelly, I provided moral support and the labels.

I also found new ideas for the Silhouette Portrait machine with vinyl lettering for the downstairs bath. I tried a swirly font, but the machine was giving me some grief, so I opted for a basic font instead.


I updated my office wall to include the quote “Do what you love” and changed the font for my ‘to do list’. I live by this list, which helps focus my brain on what needs doing.

I often include work, marketing, and house chores, taking great satisfaction with crossing things off through the day.

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