Blessed Bee and honey facts


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I made Blessed Bee because the honeybee provides honey, which creates Mead, one of the many drinks traditionally sipped for Cakes and Ale rituals. It reminds me of Summer and with the spring in full swing, you can find bees pollenating the trees, flowers, and gardens.

They are vital for crops. Beekeepers often bring their hives into fruit groves to pollinate the trees.

In northeastern France, beekeepers found their honey different colors. Apparently, the bees found the M&M’s candy processing plant and ate the residue from the candy. Thus, they created various colors of honey.

Honey provides natural antibacterial properties, as well as preservative properties. Its used in many natural healing concoctions and curatives. For example, for a persistent cough, try a teaspoon of honey. It helps coat the throat and fight infections. Mind you, this is for the scratchy throat. Not the sort of cough where you’re working mucus out of the lungs. Sipping hot tea with honey also provides relief with sinus issues.

Mead Recipes

Honey cake Recipe

Bourbon Cough Syrup (for adults)

Honey and Cinnamon cures– Snopes article finding fact vs fiction of this claim.

Herbal Cough Syrup (with honey)

Do not give honey to children under 1 years of age.


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