Poor Blog…I keep forgetting to update

IMG_3617I intended  to blog regularly here, but for one reason or another, I didn’t. I’m not sure why- perhaps my real life is boring? Hm, maybe.
I’m currently working on getting the writers’ meetup anthology completed via Createspace.com. Its affiliated with Amazon so not only do you get a printed book, a page via Amazon, and an eBook version, there’s a part of the process that’s let you sell your book via book stores!
This surprised me because most authors mention they’d want to see their book on a bookshelf in the book stores, rather than go the self-publishing route. So now they can.
Many would-be authors assume the publishing company will also market their book. Times have changed, and you’ll be surprised to know this is no longer the case; you are expected to do much of your own marketing.
There are reasons why I prefer the self-publishing route;

  • Speedy publishing. You can have your printed or electronic (or both) book ready to sell within a day. That is, if you have your book design, formatting, and correction all completed. If you go with a publishing company, getting printed could take years.
  • Choices in earnings. You can choose how much to charge, and earn a percentage of that sum.  If you go with a publishing company, they decided what to pay and when.
  • Copyright is all yours. I keep my copyright through the process of publishing, unlike a publishing house which expects at least ‘first print rights’.
  • I get to design my cover. Some might argue the pros and cons of designing your own cover, but I don’t like the idea of a business designing the cover.

A self published author needs to learn how to be marketing savvy, however.  I figure there’s tons of books on the subject, and plenty of web sites that help in that regard.
I find the printed version of the anthology is taking way more time. I should’ve started the publishing process with that, because once you have it set to print-on-demand, there’s an automatic eBook version available you can sell. I’m not sure if this printed version will even link to the e-version.
I hope to have it ready by next week.


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