Snow and homeschool update

Snow! We finally got some significant snow. Unfortunately, we’ll also get ice, and my poor husband has to drive to work in the morning.
Being a fireman, he doesn’t get to call in. But he’s a good driver. It doesn’t stop me from worrying but I try to tell myself that like it’s a mantra.
We’ve been hard at work with homeschooling, since this year we’ve already had a review (in November). I was not happy about it either. Last year in May, the reviewer noted he seemed behind, so she scheduled an early review in November. Although she admitted to seeing progress, she nevertheless, scheduled another review later this month. Again- I am not happy.
I feel the Common Core Standard is somehow impacting the review, where the reviewer is comparing our education to that of the new standards, which I only just found out. Bear in mind, we get nothing in the way of curriculum from them. And he is learning, and progressing, as the reviewer said she’s looking for, but she keeps saying “He’s not doing enough.”
My son takes forever to write anything. I have him take notes on everything he reads now, and we do more worksheets because the reviewer wants to see ‘more work’. I also keep track of our time, so given all that, he should pass this next review. If we don’t, I’d be convinced the Board of Ed. wants him back in school.

I moved this old heater from the attic to my office. Now its toasty warm and I don’t have to snuggle under a lap electric blanket. As you can see here, my dog also enjoys the heat.

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