The joy of writer groups

IMG_1299Yesterday, I had my writer’s group meet at my house for the topic of marketing. I often spend a week or more prepping on specific topics like that, to gather the information and organize what I find in some sort of material members can take home.

The cool thing with our group is we’re very informal. We meet in my dining room, and I often provide refreshments such as coffee, tea, soda, and miscellaneous foodstuffs. Other members also bring their own things from store bought items to homemade specialties to share. It just go to show you how important the sharing of food can be for a groups.

Yesterday’s table included peach cobbler, a bowl of candy, a green tomato pie, two batches of brownies, hummus with homemade pretzel bread, and some various snacks. Members often bring their own drinks but I often have coffee, tea, and soda on hand as well.

We cover the many topics of writing from creating characters, to grammar/punctuation/formatting, to publishing, to just about anything writing-related. Being a group composed of many genres and skill levels, this offers members so much in the way of resources, experiences, ideas, and friendships.

We’re also compiling an anthology of our writing. I’m rather nervous about taking on the challenge, but it’s a learning experience either way, right? I hope I don’t disappoint anyone.

I’ll post when it comes closer to the publishing date

It is a wonderful group I wouldn’t trade in for the world, and although it changes and evolves over time, its been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve welcomed into my life.

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