Clutter and repairing the dog bed


Yesterday, I worked on cleaning and organizing the upstairs. I’m still not done, but its been cathartic and energizing to get things in order.

Considering I still have this stupid cold, I’m amazed I have the energy, but I figure the sweating and exertion helps work the cold out- at least, I hope so.

IMG_3117One tip I can share is that I snap photos with my iPhone of the places I want to organize and clean. I also take measurements of dimensions so when I find a basket or bin to buy, I can get the proper size. And its all stored on the phone.

Take for instance, the photo of the top of my washer; The stuff is okay, I guess, but I don’t like seeing all the cleaners. I want to get a box to store everything in, or maybe get shelves higher up on the wall.

IMG_3105You won’t find Narnia in this closet. I promised myself that if I don’t lose 5 lbs this month, the ‘skinny clothes’ will be removed. That way I get incentive to lose weight, and if I don’t, then I clean out the closet and have more room.

Take note of the three pairs of black shoes. What the heck was I thinking? I’ll get rid of two pairs, because I don’t need three pairs of the same color and I refuse to wear heels any more.


This is our dog’s bed. Note how flat and yucky it is? So I take a photo to remind me that I need to fix it. I’ll rip the seam, remove the innards, wash the outside, and stuff it with the two pillow stuffings you see in the upper left corner. Pepper will get a fresh, clean, re-stuffed bed to sleep on.

MantisDavid found a Praying Mantis in the root cellar (he’s organizing stuff in his areas, too), and so I brought it out to the grape arbor to find bugs there. It feels like good luck when I find a mantis around the house. Its lucky for the yard, anyway. Maybe it can eat the Stinkbugs that keep showing up.


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