Mastering the Zen of cleaning

I am not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination. I will even admit to being a complete and total slob in my younger days. When I got my first apartment, I was so thrilled with NOT having to do chores, I’d let dishes sit for days. I would end up using boiling water to kill whatever was growing on them.  
But I won’t gross you out with what a slob I was- suffice to say, I’m not like that any more.
My point is that lately I’ve grown obsessed with organizational and cleaning videos through Youtube. I suppose its more productive that cat and cute baby videos, but I’m still spending oodles of time doing it.
So I decided to share as if this validates all the time spend watching them because you’ll enjoy them too. Winking smile

YouTube Videos/Channels for cleaning/declutter-
DoItOnADime channel offers lots of tips and tricks to organize, decorate, and clean your house.
Malitose79 has a channel to cleaning, organizing, and home management, all with a very cheerful, friendly attitude.
CleanMySpace is another cleaning/organizing channel with lots of tips and hacks to get the job done.
Oprah’s organizing guru… video has some very good ideas on decluttering. I like his tip on turning all your clothes hanging in the closet and if you don’t use them in 6 months, get rid of them.
And to help curb my Youtube obsessiveness…
stayfocusedThank you Stayfocused (a Google Chrome extension). This will turn off sites like Pinterst and Youtube during the house I’ve set for my writing time.


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