River walk, photography, and Oblivion

Last night, David and I went to see the movie Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. It was better than I thought. We got a huge popcorn to share, and held hands most of the movie. During chase scenes, we’d both tense up, and I could feel him clench my hand.

Some folks reviewed it as being predictable, that it’s retelling the same old ‘alien-apocalypse-sci-fi’ type movie, but most movies are some form of retelling of a story anyway. Visually, this movie is breathtaking and well worth seeing on the big screen. The acting pulled me into the story. I’m not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, but I don’t think anyone can criticize he’s not a good actor.

I liked how the plot included some twists and turns. Scenery, although a bit depressing at times, but nevertheless epic. In short- I liked it.

Dan and I had lunch at the Desert Rose Cafe , and they are nice enough to bring out a bowl of water for Pepper who came along. We sat outside to eat, and then walked down to the river.

DanwalkingPepIn the photo, we’re at the cemetery, overlooking the river and the Interstate highway. We walked down along the canal to enjoy the wildlife, and Daniel took photos. He seems to have a knack for it.




I think he’s got an eye for photography…

We headed home when we saw ominous clouds on the horizon. Dan said “Well they don’t look friendly”. Um, no. We were expecting a storm.

Getting groceries, we finished to find a downpour. We had to run through the rain, stuffed the groceries unceremoniously in the car, and drove home. We played ‘road surfing’ on a back road It sounds more dangerous than it is; all we do is every time the car runs through a huge puddle, with water splashing, we make a big deal about it. We also talk ‘surfer’, using a lot of ‘dudes’ and ‘hang ten’.


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