Allergies or cold?

I continue with symptoms that could be either allergies or a cold, but as this is day four, and the symptoms changed from sore-ish throat to now sinuses, I’m not sure if its allergies after all.

Today, I took a dose of Nyquil and slept the afternoon away. I felt better after. This seems to be to indicate it’s a cold. Allergies wouldn’t get better after rest, right?

I have no energy, and couldn’t muster enough to cast circle for Beltane. We opted to enjoy a potluck and chat instead. The writer’s meetup went ok, but a bit long That’s when I really started to feel bad. I kept thinking “Allergies shouldn’t get worse like this”. And by nightfall, I took Nyquil to pass out to sleep- otherwise I doubt I could breath much through my nose.

Whatever goals I hoped for this week went kaput, and I can only hope the symptoms end sooner rather than later. I have stuff to do! I got no time for that (a cold)!!

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.


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