Thoughts on texting

Some people often comment how phones and the Internet shuts us off from socialization. Such remarks are often added along photos of people staring at their phones, or sitting in a room with their eyes staring at the screen. But what are they looking at? More often than not it’s a post, a text, email, or even face time with video. That, I believe, counts as socializing.
If anything, I feel more connected using apps like Facebook or Meetup. I also use Textnow. (free texting, voice) I tend to join in more real social events as I am informed (and often invited) to such things. I pretty much stayed home before the great world the Internet took over.
As an introvert by nature, I thoroughly enjoy that I can block out messages and set things off when I need to. Not feeling social, don’t turn them on. Feeling social, turn them on. Its nice to chat or text when I’m up to it.
Since my husband got my old Iphone 3GS, we text one another tons more. We share a calendar, so no more scheduling conflicts, and we send photos, links, or need-to-know stuff immediately. Admittedly, I will text even while at home. It saves me from going downstairs. But think about it- its also convenience when you’re sick in bed, too.
I think, like many things in life, we need to see texts more as a tool than something that takes over our lives. Just my humble opinion.

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