Update on the smashing

I’m finding the smash book rather fun to keep on hand. I jot down ideas, plots, things that need doing, and so forth. I find, however, using a composition book isn’t the best choice after all. I really need a notebook that lies flat, and preferably one I can switch out pages.
I’m also finding my handwriting is depressingly horrible. One goal this year is to improve. I’ve tried slowing down, holding the pen in various ways, only to find the handwriting reflects that of a three year old. I might just stick with the typing, after all.
In the meantime, I use the smashbook as a sketch pad for ideas, and it serves to inspire me. I can add pictures and graphics- although I could do this just as easily (if not even more) with a MS Word document. I could add graphics that way too.
Either way, it’s a fun project and we’ll see where it leads.


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