Resolution goal: weight loss

sharon-w-cameraI wanted to give a head’s up on my efforts on losing weight. Last year I lost about 15 lbs. I did that without starving, cutting out food groups, and although I could’ve lost more, I didn’t want the whole diet/exercise thing to make life horrible.

The picture here is when I was 122 lbs, before I got pregnant, and had tons of time to jog, work on a ski machine, and I was vegetarian, at the time.

So my plan is pretty simple;

I joined (free) This site work like many similar sites like Sparkpeople or other weight loss sites. I’ve tried other sites, but some don’t offer apps, and if they do, the app requires my typing in the food journal each time (0r requires the Internet to search the database) MyFitnessPal works offline, and provides a scanner. I scan the UPC code and it gets automatically added to the journal. The app also provides more of a social, encouraging type feature, plus you can download other apps to work with it.

Calorie goal: 1400 calories per day. I can eat what I want, providing I stay with that, and limit the refined carbs and fat.

I downloaded Striv to the Iphone. (free) This fun app works like a pedometer and cheers you on as you walk/run. You can set goals and the app provides a number of challenges such as 8,000 steps to reach. Once you achieve the goal,  you earn ‘coins’ for a little game that’s in the app. (Its similar to the Facebook type games).

IMG_1594 (374x500)I walk or jog, sometimes with the dog. There are charts out there that will tell you how many calories you burn while walking a dog, and oddly enough, it implies you burn less than just regular walking. They obviously don’t know my dog- who is an Australian Cattle Dog/Aussie Shepherd mix. Sometimes I get dragged along, but I’m not allowed a leisurely walk- not ever. I’m certain I burn more calories that way…

I also need to incorporate some strength exercises. I don’t like strength exercises, where you count repetitions. I like cardio, where all I do is concentrate on breathing and moving. Otherwise, I can lose myself in daydreaming or listening to my music. But as a 45 year old woman, strength exercises helps with stronger bones and posture.

My current weight is 147 lbs. I want to get down to 120-125 lbs. by the summer. If you care to join me, sign up with MyFitnessPal and I will encourage you on, and perhaps you can do the same for me.

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods

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