Fun with a new app- Striiv

striivI got a new Iphone app today called Striiv, which works as a pedometer. I was glad to see I didn’t need to buy any equipment, but simply turn it on and start walking. you can find many apps that do this same thing, but Striiv has something a bit different; it includes a number of trophies you earn.
Take note of the graphic, and you can see I burned enough calories if I drank a sugared soda. You also can select challenges to earn more points and trophies. With those, you earn coins and ‘energy’ for this game that comes with the app.
myfitnesspalAnyway, they send me an update alert that they’ve partnered with a number of apps and services (that require electronic devices such as pedometers) but I see this one, Striiv. The idea intrigues me; walk to earn stuff for this game.
striivgameThe game itself is primitive, kind of like Farmville on Facebook, but I get started just walking around the house and yes indeed- it keeps track of my steps. The app doesn’t require any pedometers or equipment. It uses the Iphone to navigate.
You unlock things, and can also just walk around your house to earn the steps needed for the game. Or not play the game.
I’d love if they incorporated other games, something akin to the Zombies Run! app, but with spies or other adventures. That would be so cool
I’m definitely motivated to walk my dog more now.

UPDATE: I ended up deleting the app. It kept screwing up the numbers for calories/exercise on I would find it gave me 130 calories that I ‘burned from walking’ when I didn’t walk at all.


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