Smoothies, Ziploc vacuum bag, and funny family quotes

smoothieThe other blog post, I mentioned how much I loved morning smoothies for breakfast. I use frozen fruit- mostly strawberries and bananas, but sliced and frozen beforehand. A cup of almond milk (unsweetened) and a scoop of protein powder, and viola! A tasty thick shake for breakfast.  Tastes like ice cream.

Since making them, I find when I buy bananas before they go bad, I slice them up and freeze them. Even if I did have rotting bananas, I froze them too, to thaw out later for banana bread or something.

I also discovered this nifty new product by Ziploc called the vacuum bag. I wanted to get the machine, but this is so much cheaper and uses a small hand pump. I can now vacuum seal things in the baggies, often washing them after to be reused later.

See the video to see how its done.

Some funny family quotes:

While discussing mental/health/social health in homeschool my son Danny tells me “I like my family, because they’re messed up”

The other night our conversation at dinner:
David mentioned the Williamsport Days had crab balls. I didn’t say anything, I just snickered. David rolls his eyes “That’s why Daniel is the way he is!” to which I pointed out him being inappropriate with me earlier that day. I heard Daniel say “Best parents ever!”

While playing this game called Minecraft in multiplayer, Danny and I are in some sort of weird prank war. I didn’t like his putting dirt in my windows, so I decorated his house with tons of torches “Look! Its Christmas!”, so just now he said he ‘might have’ left a TNT explosive in my house. o.O

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