I officially lost 12 lbs


I got on the scale today and realized I lost 12 lbs since the beginning of this year.  I started at nearly 158 lbs and now see 146 lbs. I have 20 more pounds to go to reach 125 lbs for my 5’5” frame.

At first I felt a bit disappointed, after all, shouldn’t I be able to lose 2 lbs per week? Well, yes and no. Two pounds per week is maximum so you’re not cutting too much in your calorie budget, where you can seriously deplete nutrition if you’re not careful. I also didn’t do much in the way of exercise, which I should be doing. If I did, maybe I would’ve seen faster results. Either way, 12 lbs is something if you look at it realistically. I’m also unlikely to gain it back since I’m not doing any drastic diet that will change when I reach my goal weight.

What’s nice is that a number of people comment on the weight loss. I notice a difference in my clothes, finding clothes that were too tight, now fit just fine. Yeah me!

How did I do it?

  • I counted calories, sticking to around 1300 calories per day. This will be different for each person depending on your activity level as well as height/weight/age.
  • I used portion control. I felt silly at first when I measured out things like pasta or used a kitchen scale to figure out how much an ounce of chips were, but as long as I stuck to the 1300 calories a day, it was allowed.
  • I allowed myself treats, but limited them. For instance, I would measure out portions, or even cut a portion in half if it was ‘bad’ for me.
  • I did exercise (although not enough or as much as I should). Well, I tried to do that regularly, but this stupid house shakes when you walk across the floor, and doing aerobics was just embarrassing. The summer was exceedingly hot to walk/jog, so that didn’t work out too well either.
  • Cut back on junk; increased the healthy stuff. I went nuts for salads this summer, sometimes eating just salad for a meal.
  • I allowed some cheating. Again, I might’ve seen faster, more drastic results if I didn’t, but damned if I was going to be miserable for the entire time to lose weight.

So I have twenty more pounds to lose to reach my goal. I hope to start walking/jogging on Monday now that the weather turned mild, and I’m sure my dog will be happy to help keep me at a fast pace. I also need to strength exercise. I hate weights or other strength exercises. Its so boring.

I’m hoping to reach the goal by the end of this year, but even if I see 5-10 lbs this, I’ll be fine with that too.

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