How does your garden (goals) grow?

As I’ve mentioned in past posts in regards to the pagan gardener, many of us have spiritual gardens in which we plant seeds of intention for goals we hope to see blossom by the autumn (if not before).

As with any gardens, both real and spiritual, here are some tips;

Weed periodically. The plants (goals) you wish to grow require room and space, and if its scattered with weeds (blocks, setbacks, etc), you need to remove them. Sometimes these weeds can take the form of people who hold us back, situations that doesn’t allow you thrive, or even the deep seated fears and low self-esteem of our personalities. Seek to weed these out, if you can.

Clear out the dead plants. Sometimes our plants (goals) do not come to fruition for any number of reasons. Recognize when you need to remove them to make room for healthier, stronger plants (goals). Don’t waste your time and energy watering and tending to plants (goals) that are dead and won’t flower. Sometimes you need to accept its not the right time, and you can try again later.

Water and fertilize. Plants (goals) could grow on their own, but tending your garden by giving whatever attention your plants (goals) need to thrive, will help make a successful garden. Time, care, focus, action, and effort are all requires to make a healthy garden.

Seek help if you need it. There’s no shame in asking for help if your garden (goals) isn’t thriving. Seek others will experience to see how they found success, what techniques worked for them, and what didn’t work as well.

Assess at harvest time. When you finally do see the fruits of your labor, take note what worked best for you. Even failures provide valuable insight on what won’t work in the future.

What seeds/goals have you planted for this season? Is there a set time you expect to see the harvest of your labor?

BOS Assignment: By now you should have some idea on goals, and what you’ve planted for this year. Take stock, and check for growth. Note if you need to make changes or adjustments to reach your goals.


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