Dieting and Tasty Tips

I’m back on the diet wagon again. I was doing a basic diet of using the LoseIt! app on my phone to keep track of my calories and added three or more times a week, walking the dog. And guess how much I lost? Nothing! Not a single pound!
I have no idea what I did wrong. I ate less, took up walking to increase my activity, cut out the sweets, and for nothing. I did this for three weeks before giving up-
Well, I took a break. I can’t really give up because the doctor said I was pre-diabetic and need to lost 15=20 lbs.
Now I’m back on the diet wagon, watching my calories and scheduling myself for visit to the gym. I’ll work harder at the workouts. Something must change, right?
Dieting sucks, but fortunately, my diet plan allows for anything providing its within 1400 calories a day. I can have candy bars and junk, but you learn very quickly that you can’t have much without sacrificing the good healthy food. A single candy bar is almost an entire healthy meal.
So one of the things I’m changing is switching my three cups of coffee to one or two, and switching to tea. (Coffee creamer adds calories)  Tea isn’t the warm, cozy drink I love, but I realized if I added a dash of orange or vanilla extract, it makes for a better, tastier tea. I can also sip caffeine free tea in the evening hours.
I also switched from mayonnaise to garlic hummus. *You can buy pre-made or make your own). The hummus has a better flavor, lower fat (and includes the healthy fats), and provides tons more health benefits. It also adds more taste, in my humble opinion.
Its making those little changes that will hopefully provide me the much needed change in weight. At least I hope to see something. Even if I can see a change in strength, alertness, or other health benefits, I’ll be happy.


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